State of Florida Employee


Through TSC's State Employee Tuition Waiver Program, state employees are eligible to take up to six in-state credit hours per term and the tuition is waived.  We are proud to offer state employees this opportunity to enhance their skills and job competencies for a better future.

****State Employee Tuition Waiver Process****

State Employee students register during the same periods as all other students (during the appropriate registration window) . All State Employee Tuition Waivers must be completed online via DocuSign here

We are no longer accepting state employee tuition waiver forms for Summer 2024. The deadline for Summer 2024 was April 26. 

Deadline to submit waivers for Fall 2024
(including all express sessions)

Monday, July 29, 2024


All full-time, permanent state employees as certified by the employee's supervisor and agency/department head, and by the Bureau of State Payrolls in the Department of Financial Services. State employees who are also receiving federal financial aid are eligible to use the tuition waiver. Note:  State University System (FSU and FAMU), City of Tallahassee, and Leon County employees are not eligible for the program.  


The Program covers tuition up to six (6) in-state credit hours per term. Textbooks, lab fees, the distance learning lab fee, and the student services fee are not covered by the tuition waiver. These fees are the responsibility of the student.

Available Courses

Web-assisted, web-based, developmental education, and credit classes qualify for the program; however, Career and Technical clock hour courses and non-credit courses/workshops do not qualify.

How it Works

In order to qualify for the program, students must register for classes on *Workday during registration.

The TSC tuition waiver form must contain the signature of the supervisor and the agency head (or Human Resources Director). The supervisor's signatures should be dated during the registration period (not before).  Waivers must be submitted prior to the fee payment due date listed on the student's course schedule in order to avoid being dropped for non-payment.

The deadline to submit a waiver for all sessions (including express and mini sessions) is posted on the Academic Calendar. 

Steps to TSC

Apply for Admission

New students who have never attended TSC must follow the admission process and meet all of the established admission deadlines. 

Returning students who have not enrolled at TSC in the last twelve months must submit a new application.

Non-degree seeking students must submit the Non-Degree Seeking form each semester for which the student is registering.

Register for Classes

Check the Academic Calendar for registration dates and deadlines. Students must register for classes in Workday during the registration period.

Make sure the TSC state employee tuition waiver form (located in the next step) is submitted by the payment deadline on your schedule in order to avoid being dropped from class(es).

Submit a State Employee Tuition Waiver Form

State employees must submit the State Employee Tuition Waiver form with both of the required signatures.  The supervisor's signatures cannot be dated before the opening of the registration windows.
The Student Identification Number must be included on the waiver form in order to process it in a timely manner.

Note:  "Intent to Apply" and "Participation Forms" are agency forms only. State Employees must complete the appropriate TSC State Employee Tuition waiver form.

For your convenience, documents can be scanned and e-mailed to the Admissions and Records Office at

Pay Remaining Fees​

Check your TSC Workday account to see your fee payment deadline. Before the fee payment deadline, be sure to pay all lab fees, the distance learning lab fee, the third attempt full cost of instruction fees, or the student services fee that you may still owe. These fees are not covered by the tuition waiver.

Questions? Contact the Enrollment Call Center at (850) 201-8555 or email, or visit the Admissions and Records Office located on the second floor of the Student Union.