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TSC Programs

With more than 70 different degree and certificate programs, we offer our students the opportunity to start their college or professional career with the skills they need to achieve whatever goals they set. A TSC education is about more than just learning about a subject; it is about preparation for life.

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Academic Enrichment

Travel the world. Research something unknown. Build something new. Our Academic Enrichment programs complement any program of study and are designed to challenge you to expand your horizons and achieve more in your academic career.

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Provost Office

The Provost's Office is responsible for the academic programs, faculty, and research at the College and provides support and resources across campus.

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What's Right For You?

Not sure what type of program you are looking for? Whether you are looking to continue your education, transfer to a university, earn a quick certificate, or complete your Bachelor's, TSC is here to help you reach your next step. We provide the training you need to develop in-demand skills and complete the certifications and degrees to elevate your career.

  • College Credit Certificate Programs are a fast-track approach to new careers or specialization in existing ones. These programs are designed for short time periods, generally one year or less, and can stand alone or be part of an AS or AAS degree.
  • Career Certificate Programs are job preparatory programs through which a student receives a vocational certificate upon completion of instruction. A CTC consists of a series of clock-hour courses with specialized training that prepare students for employment in specific career fields. Graduates may choose to continue their education in an AS degree program with ease due to an articulation agreement.
  • Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degrees provide students with a well-rounded education and critical thinking skills through general education courses. Many students pursue A.A. degrees with the intention of transferring to a four-year college or university to complete a bachelor's degree.
  • Associate in Science (A.S.) Degrees lead to careers in competitive fields after graduation. The two-year degree builds in-demand STEM and workforce skills.
  • Bachelor's Degrees provide a comprehensive education in their chosen field of study and a foundation of general knowledge and skills that are valuable in today's workforce.
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