Sponsored Programs

The Sponsored Programs team supports Tallahassee State College’s resource development and management efforts. Our mission is to serve the educational needs of TSC's diverse community through the effective development and management of external fundraising initiatives that support institutional priorities. We provide information, expertise and support in obtaining and managing sponsored programs that strengthen academic programs, foster teaching and learning, support student services or meet the needs of the community and workforce.

The Sponsored Programs team provides a broad array of services to faculty and staff including:

  • Identification of Funding Sources
  • Proposal Preparation
  • Reporting & Stewardship

The Sponsored Programs staff is comprised of a team located in the Division of Administrative Services, Center for Workforce Development and Florida Public Safety Institute. This team works closely with the Office of the President, Division of Academic Affairs, Division of Student Affairs, Office of Institutional Effectiveness, as well as the TSC Foundation, to ensure that grant initiatives are developed and managed in compliance with applicable policies and requirements.

A. Identification of Funding Sources

  • Serve as an informational resource for external funding sources
  • Monitor legislation and appropriations that affect grant programs
  • Stimulate interest among faculty and staff in the grants process
  • Provide training to faculty and staff in all phases of grants development and management

B. Proposal Preparation

  • Assist faculty and staff in submitting a Preliminary Proposal Form to ensure institutional support for the initiative
  • Provide assistance in the development of proposal applications
  • Provide funding sponsor guidelines
  • Review and make recommendations concerning proposal ideas
  • Encourage strategic partner formation
  • Review and edit proposal drafts
  • Provide budget preparation assistance
  • Help identify funds to meet matching requirements
  • Complete representations and certifications
  • Obtain appropriate signatures
  • Mail or electronically submit proposals
  • Maintain quality control in the total grantsmanship effort
  • Maintain official files on all pending, active, and completed proposals
  • Serve as a liaison with funding agencies and proposal partners

C. Reporting and Stewardship

  • Prepare a thank you letter for the President’s signature acknowledging each new grant award
  • Work with the TSC Communications Office and project directors in publicizing the receipt of each new grant award
  • Provide orientation to Project Directors and other key project personnel​
  • Provide implementation, compliance and closeout support for sponsored programs
  • Prepare financial reports as required
  • Assist Project Director with technical papers relating to research project publications

 For more information contact Sponsored Programs by phone (850) 201-7970.