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Aspire Transfer Program

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Start Here, Finish at FSU

Tallahassee State College is the #1 transfer school to Florida State University for a reason.

Aspire provides a seamless transfer for students who want to attend Florida State University but also want a more personalized and affordable experience prior to transitioning fully to the university level.

Just steps from FSU's campus, our students can live with FSU students in off-campus housing and have the opportunity to participate in FSU activities, all while earning their Associate in Arts degree and prerequisites for their undergraduate program at half the price of attending a university.

Aspire offers personalized advising and academic maps to ensure students take the classes they need here for their intended major at FSU.

Four Programs For You

Get to FSU your way with one of our four paths:

  • Aspire Traditional: Enjoy the ride with a regular two-year experience
  • Aspire Elite: Already have college credits? Get to FSU in one year or less
  • Aspire Honors: Join TSC's high-achieving scholars as you work toward FSU
  • Aspire Online: Reach FSU from the comfort of your own home
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Program Benefits


There is over $100,000 in scholarships available to students demonstrating exceptional academic excellence.

TSC's Aspire Program Scholarships

TSC offers a large range of scholarships, including awards exclusively for Aspire students, that you can apply for with just one application.

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FSU's Aspire Transfer Scholarship

 Award Description:

Pending the availability of program funds, Florida State University will award $1,200 toward tuition costs each fall and spring to each recipient who commits to 15 credit enrollment and maintains a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Summer funding is not provided.

Note: Tallahassee State College and Florida State University reserve the right to adjust scholarship awards as appropriate, and/or discontinue the program at any time. This is a highly competitive selection process and in many instances, the applicant's GPA far exceeds the minimum 3.80.

Notice of Eligibility

All eligible TSC2FSU members who complete 30+ credits will receive an eligibility email in regards to the Aspire Transfer Student Scholarship Application 8-9 weeks into fall or spring. Any student graduating in the summer should apply during the spring application window.

Applicant Eligibility:

To be eligible for the scholarship, an Aspire student must have at least:

  • An overall TSC GPA of a 3.80
  • *30-45 credits toward the AA for Fall scholarship (Spring and/or Summer graduates)
  • **45 credits toward the AA for Spring scholarship (Fall graduates)
  • Aspire participation and/or indicated an interest in transferring to Florida State University

 *Not all students who complete 30 credits should apply for this scholarship. Students who plan to graduate from TSC in Fall should apply during the same semester for the Spring semester at FSU.

**Students who plan to graduate from TSC in Spring or Summer should apply in Spring for the Fall FSU semester and have 45 credits in the last TSC semester. Students who plan to graduate in Summer should apply in Spring. (There is no application window for Summer.)

A Scholarship Applicant MUST:

  1. Plan to graduate from TSC with an Associate of Arts Degree
  2. Commit to transfer to FSU immediately after graduating by submitting an FSU application. (Ex: Students graduating in the fall must transfer to FSU in spring.)
    1. FSU will verify student acceptance
    2. Funds are not available for summer applicants
    3. Can only take summer “off”, not major semester following graduation
  3. Hold a minimum 3.80 cumulative GPA (as calculated by TSC)
  4. Submit one letter of recommendation
  5. Respond adequately to two scholarship questions

Aspire Checklist

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Meet the milestones of your program and stay up to date on FSU's application deadlines.


Living In Tallahassee

FSU grad throwing their cap in the air, photo taken by Bruce PalmerTallahassee is both Florida's state capital and a true college town with three major institutions of higher learning and TSC is two miles from FSU's campus. With upwards of 60,000 college students, cultural richness, and picturesque natural beauty, Tallahassee is an ideal place to live and learn.

Parents and families, we know that sending your student off to college isn’t easy, but we’re here to give you peace of mind. Tallahassee is often ranked as one of the top college towns in the nation and featured on many lists of good "medium-sized cities" to live in.

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