Transfer FAQs


What is the difference between Aspire and 2+2?

Aspire works with FSU to ensure our graduates have a smooth transfer process. The 2+2 program guarantees admission to at least one of Florida’s state universities, but not necessarily to one of your choice, so there is no guaranteed admission into FSU.

What if I do not enroll in Aspire, can I still transfer to FSU through TSC?

Aspire is not the only way to transfer to FSU. Many students earn their Associates of Arts degree from TSC and transfer to FSU through the 2+2 State Articulation Agreement. 



What is the difference between IGNITE and 2+2?

TSC works with FAMU to ensure our graduates have a smooth transfer process. The 2+2 program guarantees admission to at least one of Florida’s state universities, but not necessarily to one of your choice, so there is no guaranteed admission into FAMU.

What if I do not enroll in IGNITE, can I still transfer to FAMU through TSC?

IGNITE is not the only way to transfer to FAMU. Many students earn their Associates of Arts degree from TSC and transfer to FAMU through the 2+2 State Articulation Agreement.



Can I complete an A.A. at TSC and do an online transfer program?

Yes, if you are in Aspire or IGNITE and your desired major is offered through FSU or FAMU Online, all credits taken at TSC will apply to the FSU or FAMU Online program the same way they would to the on-the-ground program.

How do I know if the program I am interested in at FSU or FAMU is limited access and/or requires an application in addition to the transfer application?

FSU's Academic Program Guide and FAMU's Undergraduate Programs outline all program (non-limited access and limited-access) prerequisites, requirements, and admission procedures.

What if I am undecided and I don't know my major yet?

TSC has academic advising to get you started in general coursework and assist you in selecting a major that matches your personal, educational, and career goals.

All students take a College Success course as part of their general education requirements. By the time you complete those 18 credit hours at TSC, you should be decided on a major and be ready to declare a transfer major.

Can I still change my major once I sign up for Aspire or TSC2FAMU?

Yes, students can change their transfer major while at TSC, without resetting the Aspire or IGNITE start date. Please keep in mind different majors have different requirements, so changing majors may result in additional coursework, and thus, additional time to complete the AA and pre-requisite coursework.

Will I still have to apply for admission to FSU or FAMU even though I completed the TSC application?

Yes, be sure to pay attention to deadlines and specific program requirements. You should apply to FSU or FAMU after earning 45 college credits. Apply through FSU's Transfer Admissions website or FAMU's Transfer Admissions webpage.

Do I just complete the list of TSC A.A. degree courses or are there any other requirements about which I should be aware?

It is important to refer to the FSU Academic Program Guide or the FAMU Undergraduate Program information so that you are aware of the grade point average you need to achieve and any other special requirements needed to complete all elements of both your AA at TSC and your bachelor's degree at FSU or FAMU.

How can I meet with an FSU or FAMU representative in person?

FSU and FAMU advisors are regularly available in TSC’s Advising Center in the Student Union. To see when advisors will be available, please refer to Academic Advising or through the MyTSC** app Advising Center group.

In addition, TSC hosts FSU and FAMU Day where representatives from most of FSU and FAMU’s degree programs are present on TSC’s campus to meet with students each Fall and Spring semester.

** MyTSC is an app for TSC students to use to connect with the campus community. You must have TSC student credentials to access the app. TSC student credentials are issued as part of the admissions process.

What if I have earned college credit (dual enrollment, AP, IB, or CLEP) previously?

If you bring in accelerated credits (dual enrollment, AP or IB), those classes must meet university milestones as classes in the degree program. You should submit all transcripts and test scores (sent directly from the testing agency) to TSC prior to enrollment and work with a TSC Advisor at New Student Orientation to learn how your courses will transfer.

Can I transfer to another university besides FSU or FAMU?

Aspire and TSC2FAMU are included in exclusive partnerships between TSC and FSU and FAMU respectively. Click to view our other transfer options.

How much does it cost to be part of Aspire or IGNITE?

There is no additional cost to participate in the Aspire or IGNITE program. While you are at TSC, you will just need to pay TSC tuition and fees. After you transition to FSU or FAMU, you will pay their respective tuition and fees.

Can international students sign up for Aspire or IGNITE?

Yes, international students are eligible to enroll and participate in both transfer programs, however, there are several important points to consider: International students need to be aware that the “guaranteed admission” benefit of Aspire and IGNITE assumes that the student meets all the general requirements for admission to the university.   
Credits earned at a foreign institution that may potentially apply to the AA at TSC must be reviewed by TSC Admissions and Records staff for transferability as well as applicability to specific requirements so that the student will know in advance how those credits apply.

How does Aspire or IGNITE work for readmission students?

Students who have previously attended FSU or FAMU and are now at a TSC can sign up for either transfer program, but readmission students need to follow any new requirements when they are ready to reapply to either university.

What if I want my transfer before I complete my A.A. degree?

Neither university accepts applications from transfer students with less than 60 credits of college coursework, but they may not receive the benefits of the Aspire or IGNITE programs. Transfer applicants with less than 60 hours (without an A.A.) must submit college transcripts, high school transcripts, and SAT/ACT scores. If you transfer to either university without your A.A. degree, you will be required to complete their liberal studies requirements. The FSU Admissions Office and FAMU Admissions Office both have additional information for transfer students. 

What if I complete my A.S. degree at TSC?

The AA is the University General Transfer degree, and therefore, AS degrees will not meet the requirements to transfer to FSU or FAMU.

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