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Alumni and Friends

Welcome Eagles

Our alumni and friends have opportunities to network, mentor, and engage with TSC and its students, all while helping to support programs and activities for current students and fellow alumni.

We welcome all of those with a passion for TSC, including:

  • Graduates
  • Current and former students
  • Current and former employees
  • Community members and partners


The Tallahassee State College Alumni and Friends Association is committed to serving and engaging alumni and friends of TSC through fellowship, programs, and services that strengthen the College community. The Association embraces the vision, mission, and goals of TSC.


The Tallahassee State College Alumni and Friends Association will serve as a vital partner and significant resource in the success of Tallahassee State College through the engagement of alumni and friends in a lifelong relationship with TSC.

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Give $24 in 2024

Welcome to our exciting new giving campaign: Give $24 in 2024! We invite you to join us in supporting our Alumni & Friends association by contributing just $24 towards our mission. Your generous contribution will play a vital role in driving innovation, bolstering student success, and strengthening our alumni network. With your help, we can make a significant impact, empowering future generations of students and fostering a vibrant community of alumni. Join us in making a difference today.

Award-Winning Alumni and Friends

Over our 50-year history, thousands of students have attended TSC and many have moved on to noteworthy careers and success. Many have been recognized by the College for their outstanding achievements.