General Information for All Terms

Students and instructors are mutually responsible for verifying the time scheduled for an examination. Instructors are expected to announce in class, during the regular class periods, the specific date, time and place for the final examination.

Final examinations may be rescheduled only for extreme emergencies. All such emergencies must be approved by the appropriate division dean or director. The following are not to be considered extreme emergencies: airline reservations, ride-sharing, vacation plans, weddings, lack of preparedness, calendar conflicts with other institutions, work schedules, transportation or housing problems.

ENC1101 final examinations are scheduled one week before regularly scheduled final examinations, and an announcement of the date of the final examination will be made in each of these classes.

Special arrangements will be made by the instructor in the following courses: Emergency Medical Technology, Respiratory Therapy, Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Web-based and off-campus courses.

Block Final Exams for Monday-Friday daytime classes (starting before 5:00 p.m.) of MAT0018, MAT0028, MAT1033 and MAC1105 are given according to the block final exam schedule. All students must present ​picture identification to ​take the exam. ​All other sections of these math courses meeting after 5:00 p.m., or on Saturday, adhere to the schedule listed in the final examination schedule.

Final examinations are not given in the following courses:

​ART1150C CGS2100 EMS2659L NUR4827 ​RTE1503L
​ART1201C COP2840 ​EMS2666L NUR4870 RTE1513L
​ART1205C ​DEA1805L ​EMS2667L ​NUR4950 ​​​RTE1804
​ART1300C ​DEA1855L ​EMS1431L ​OST1141 ​RTE1814
​ART1330C ​DEA1940 ​​GRA2121 ​PGY1800C ​RTE1824
​ART1340C ​DEA1941 ​GRA2140 ​​PGY2151C ​​RTE2523L
​ART1430C DEA2833C ​​JOU2420L PGY2401C RTE2834
​ART1540C DEH1800L ​JOU2440L ​PGY2801C RTE2844
ART2500C ​DEH1802L NUR3065 ​​PLA1104 ​​​RTE2854
ART2955 ​DEH2602L NUR3125 ​​​PLA2941
CAP2703 DEH2701L ​​​NUR3273 ​​​​RET1874  
​CCJ2930 ​DEH2804L NUR3655 ​RET1875
​CGS1060 ​DEH2900 NUR3805 ​RET2876
CGS1520 DES1200L NUR4169 ​RET2877
CGS1820 ​DEH2701L ​NUR4684 ​​RET2878


Final examination or performance evaluations are conducted during the last regularly scheduled class session in the following courses:

​BSC1005L COP2830 ​ENC0027 ​PEL1320 ​​PHY2049L
​BSC2010L ​​​DAA1100 ​ESC1000L PEL1341 RET1026L
​​BSC2011L ​DAA1200 ​GLY2010L ​PEL1342 ​RET2264L
​​​BSC2085L ​DAA1300 ​HIM2920 PEL1621 RET2265L
​​​BSC2086L ​​​​DAN1500 HIM2943 ​PEM1101 ​RET2714L
​CGS1520 DEA1030L ​LEI1000 ​PEM1116 ​SLS1301
​​CHM1030L DEA2832C ​MCB2004L ​PEM1431 ​TPP2120
CHM1045L ​​​DEH1002L ​MVS1116 ​​PEM1342 ​TPP2250
​​CHM1046L DES1200L ​MVS1126 PHY1053L
​​CHM2210L DES2100L ​PEL1121 ​PHY1054L
CHM2211L ENC0017 PEL1122 PHY2048L