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As one of the top community colleges in the nation, we do not just create graduates we produce student citizens. We have talented students ready to enter the workforce in a variety of fields including more than 100 degree and certificate programs from business management to engineering, and nursing to law enforcement. Engage with our students to develop meaningful connections and recruit your future workforce. 

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TSC offers training in the Top 10 Careers in North Florida

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TSC FutureLink
The TSC Career Services online career management system.  

Post a Job
Looking to hire talented employees? Post your job opportunities to Futurelink for TSC students and alumni to see. 

Post an Internship 
TSC interns work in temporary positions with an emphasis on education and experience. Interns range in age from young adults to those later in life who may be seeking new career skills. Internships can pave the way to employment opportunities, including part-time and full-time paid positions.

Supervising an intern requires employee time and talent. Benefits of hosting an intern include:

  • Access to students who are enthusiastic about learning
  • Company name recognition on TSC’s campus
  • Facilitated links between your business and TSC for potential research, teaching, and recruitment opportunities
  • Increased number of students who stay in the community post-graduation
  • Opportunity to develop the strengths of a potential employee

It is very important that employers review
DOL Internship Test

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Employer Opportunities

Third-Party Recruiters and Staffing Agencies

Third-party recruiters and staffing agencies may interview, attend Hiring Fairs, or list job vacancies in FutureLink for their clients, only if they disclose the identity of the client in the job posting.  If not disclosed, the Career Center reserves the right to decline any posting or request.

Temporary or Seasonal Positions

Employers must note in the posting that it is temporary/seasonal & how long you anticipate the position(s) lasting.  Also, these positions must meet the Florida Minimum Wage Rates.

More Than Just an Education

We produce graduates who are built for the workforce and thrive in diverse environments. We have a wide variety of academic enrichment programs that teach students skills for life outside of the classroom including camaraderie and service to the community.

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To discuss best practices for recruiting employees and interns, please contact us at careerservices@tsc.fl.edu or 850-201-9970. 

Employer Resources

To learn about on-campus recruiting events, please contact Emily Fiore at emily.fiore@tsc.fl.edu or (850) 201-8281

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