Launch Your Career

An informational interview is an intentional conversation with a professional. You can ask about someone’s experience in their job and at their organization. It can help you learn more about career pathways and also network. If someone is aware of you and your career interests before you apply for a job or internship at their company, that can set you apart.

Guide To Informational Interviews


A great way to feel confident about interviews is to practice.

FutureLink Mock Interviews

Log in to FutureLink and access the Mock Interview Resource. Select the mock interview that aligns with your career interests and goals. They are pre-recorded and ready to use at your own pace.

Career Services Mock Interviews

Schedule an appointment with Career Services, and we will create a customized mock interview based on the opportunity you will be interviewing for. 

Preparing for Interviews

Learn how to prepare for an interview, beginning to end.

Professional Interview Introduction

You will typically introduce yourself at the beginning of an interview. It can sometimes be hard to know what to say when someone asks, "Tell me about yourself." Use this worksheet to help you prepare a response.

Get Plugged In

There are a number of networking opportunities in Tallahassee. These organizations could be a great place to get started.